For: The Jennifer I Never Call Jennifer

19022459_1781257055233996_589024697_o IMG_9448


One of the few names I remembered when I first came to Merced.

One of the few people who always made me feel welcomed.

One who always smiled and maybe she doesn’t know this, but when I (a high school student) was around all those college people, she made me feel included, in the little things she did. Or maybe it was just how she was. She was just too kind, and I didn’t notice this a little over a year ago.

Mentioned in my first blog post, Jen, you were one of the people I failed to see.

I am writing this, looking at this past year and you were there. You were very present.

Now that I am able to see, I wanted to write this as an appreciation.

Appreciation toward your kindness, your friendship, your heart, your company, your time, for being understanding (especially when it came to my introvertedness), and considerate.

For being exactly who you are, in all your pettiness you haven’t expressed with me, your wise words, and your caring always persona.

I am beyond grateful and I am amazed by how much you have been apart of my first year in college, which is also the only year I have known you.

When the school year began, there were all kinds of IV events and one I remember was Lake Day. Jen, I have always always always been a fan of your singing. I remember being at the lake, you were playing your uke, and I was super shy, but you were singing and I was singing with you. I even remember you slowly getting quieter when we were singing lolol I was not going to be the only one singing with everyone around.

Anyways, from this, I was inspired to get a uke. A month later, I purchased one.

Another event: Rainbow Pools where we both cliff jumped.

Journey: You paid for me to go.

You celebrated my birthday with me at the movies where we watched The Girl on the Train.

You were on my right side at both of the concerts we attended. Hehe I remember hearing you sing at those concerts and that only made me happier. The Lady Antebellum Concert was very important to me. The people who attended with me, obviously including you, made a special place in my heart because that concert was one that I had been waiting forever to go to.

We’ve had a few Fresno trips, struggles at the gym, IT closet talks, an all-nighter that ended at a donut shop. We’ve even gone to Disneyland together.

You were one of the first people I told when I came to terms with myself.

One of the people I spoke to before going to Chapter Camp.

You were there to comfort me as I cried about a fall out.

You shared your Indo snacks with me.

You let me witness one of your covers. This one to be exact –> Perfect – Ed Sheeran Cover

You allowed me to use your car and you helped me move out of my dorm.

You were there in those last few weeks of school, one of the most important few weeks of my entire school year.

Thank you, Jen, for being here, when I did and didn’t notice.

For being more comfortable with me as I became more comfortable with you.

For kidnapping me and taking me off campus with you 🙂

I know this post is late and it definitely is not perfect, but I just wanted you, Jen Matato, to know that I am grateful for the time we’ve shared and exchanged.

Maybe this post might seem weird to you in some ways, but it’s always the little details, events, and times that I love to remember.

I am excited for the future and all the things we have next to experience.

Thank you, Jen. I appreciate you and I love you very much.


Joce aka Your Biggest Fan


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