The Music Calls Me

Music and people who have anything to do with music have always attracted me. I naturally gravitate to the room with the people who are singing. To the person holding the guitar. The one playing the piano. Every time. The music calls me. I don’t know why music is so important to me. I don’t know why it makes me so happy to discover new songs, but it does and once I find something, I have two missions:

  1. Analyze the lyrics
  2. Share the song

Music just has a way of speaking. It has a way of making you think you can relate to certain things. It makes you feel like you experienced the stories that are told in the lyrics. It makes you feel like every lyric is a word you have been meaning to say.

Music has always been super important in my life and in the last month, I haven’t been able to discover music and find ways to relate to them. But this past week, I took the time because I definitely deprived myself of allowing music to speak.

Below are songs and lyrics I picked out from them. Just highlights of what caught my attention.

Lady Antebellum – Somebody Else’s Heart

I’ll let you in against my better judgement
Wishing I could love you, love you, love you
With somebody else’s heart”

*Lady Antebellum – Hurt*

“If you call me up at 3AM
I’ll run to the rescue time and time and time again”

Alicia Keys – Holy War

“So maybe we should love somebody
Maybe we could care a little more
So maybe we should love somebody
Instead of polishing the bombs of holy war”

*Kelsea Ballerini – Stilettos*

Pull myself together from the fallout of forever
For everyone to see
No, you don’t get to get to me.
I wear my pain like stilettos
As bad as it may hurt, no, you’ll never know.
I keep walking with my head up, putting on a show
And fronting like nothing is wrong
I talk the talk like I’m a tough girl
‘Cause there ain’t room for weakness in a rough world
That keeps saying you were never enough, girl,
Yeah, when you get burned, you learn to be strong
I wear my pain like stilettos”

Lecrae – I’ll Find You ft. Tori Kelly

“I don’t know all of the outcomes
Don’t know what happens tomorrow
But when that ocean of doubt comes
Don’t let me drown in my sorrow

“Just fight a little longer my friend
It’s all worth it in the end
But, when you’ve got nobody to turn to
Just hold on, and I’ll find you

Lady Antebellum – Good Time To Be Alive

“Yeah, it’s a good, good, good time to be alive
This world could throw me anything with you by my side”

*Lady Antebellum – Big Love In A Small Town*

We had big love in a small town
What I’d give just to get a little bit back now
Yeah, we fell in just as fast as we fell out

Chris Bandi – Man Enough Now

“I just need you to wait for me,
But you weren’t waiting for me to grow up, get my shit together.
Stop giving you the runaround, running from forever.
It’s too bad we happened when we did ’cause I’ve learned a lot about life since then.
I can’t go back, girl I hate that you fell in love with a kid trying to figure it out”

Adam Craig – Just A Phase

“Deep in your heart I know you know I ain’t right for you
I’m just a phase you’re going through”

*Little Big Town – When Someone Stops Loving You*

“When someone stops loving you,
It don’t make the evening news
It don’t keep the sun from rising, the clock from winding, your heart from beating
Even when you want it to
When someone stops loving you,
The hardest part about it is
There ain’t a switch that you can flip
‘Cause you can’t stop loving them
When someone stops loving you”


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