A Card Game Played at Sea

It didn’t matter to you.

This friendship we had didn’t matter to you.

Six months ago, you let it die over one person.

When this friendship was for sure dying out, you didn’t try saving it.

You stayed on land, when we had planned to go out to sea.

Wherever our friendship had sunken, you didn’t care enough to go searching for it.

Maybe you did, but you were a month and a half too late.

I was the only one on board and I drowned in the midst of the sinking.

You can’t tell me that I didn’t fight for our friendship either.

All my cards were played.

When I had none left to play, there wasn’t much I could do.

I played all my cards.

They weren’t enough to stay in the game.

You weren’t willing to put a card down for me.

You didn’t care because if you did, you wouldn’t have let it die out like it did.

You didn’t care about losing this one because you let it die out completely.

Even when you had exactly what you wanted, you still didn’t come.

You waited too long on land and our friendship didn’t matter enough.

You didn’t care just like six months ago when I headed out to sea.


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