Thank You for Your Time

***NOTE: This post was written in the last two weeks of school, so what you’ll read is from the end of April to the first couple weeks of May.


Time is something that is always decreasing in a human life, but Time itself is always increasing in more seconds, or minutes, or hours, etc.

The time ticks and you are never able to get any of your time back, but you do gain the time of someone or something else. Time ticks constantly in your everyday interactions.

You give away your time to study, to sleep, to be with people, to do everything.

Time and Exchange

With studying, you exchange your time to gain more knowledge. To perfect this area of a subject you haven’t perfected.

With sleep, you exchange your time to gain more energy. You give up hours to rest, so you’re able to have energy to make more exchanges with time.

With people, you exchange time for time. I give you time, you give me time.

This time that we will never get back, but we place these seconds, minutes, hours of our lives with people.

But, in these exchanges with people, it is more than just this amount of time.

You share a piece of your life in exchange for a piece of someone else’s.

I shared something I will never get back, but now this part of me is now with you.

We lose time, but we gain the time of others and we are always exchanging.

In the past week or two, I have been fortunate enough to exchange my time for the time of others, which is essentially, their interests, their stories, their lives.

Thinking back, I have made many exchanges with people and none of which I regret.

I would like to say Thank You for allowing me to be a part of your life. For having this exchange with me.

Below are specific people I would like to thank. For the quality time I enjoy receiving. The little encounters. The hugs. The words of affirmation. The smiles.

You don’t have to read all of them lol You can just skip down to your name 🙂


Alexis A. Martens

Thank you for the countless exchanges. For the time we’ve exchanged. The lessons we have learned together. Our exchanges were more than stories about the past. We created stories. They were more than sharing interests. You became a part of my story and I became a part of yours. We did everything together. At one point we were just throwing a bunch of time toward each other. I know we haven’t done that in a while, but thank you for allowing me to have this almost 2 year-long exchange with you.

My roommates: Ximena and Brianna

Xime, I’ve known you for a long while. The exchanges we’ve had has been important in my transition here in college. We’ve learned more about each other and our stories. We exchanged this mutual understanding of how we care for each other and others. I know that if I need you, you will be here. You know that I am not always present, but if you need me, I am here. In exchange for your realness, your heart, and your ability to be understanding, you were able to see my heart in my weaknesses, my struggles, my emotions. Something you didn’t see back in high school. Something I didn’t allow most to see, but thank you for receiving my time and giving me time back.

Brianna, we haven’t spent much time together, but in the time we have, it was definitely something I would call quality time. For a long time, you were just my roommate who had the bunk above me, but little by little we exchanged parts of our stories. I got a feel of who you are and you got a feel of who I am, but with time, we will learn more, hopefully. Thank you for this exchange in the few times we’ve had conversations.

Jennifer JenJen Darmawan

Jen, you have been there. You’ve been the unseen exchange, and I am sorry for that, but I thank you for being here in what seemed like my weakest point. For allowing me to take up your time. For being this person I could spend my downtime with. For allowing me to just sit in your presence and listen to you sing 🙂 You have been a part of my favorite part of this first year. Thank you, Jen. I look forward to sharing more with you.

Jadie Teurn

Jadie, it has been awhile since we’ve had a story kind of exchange, but I do enjoy our exchange in smiles and hugs. An exchange of how we’re doing would be enough to make me smile. Thank you, Jadie, for your quality time, and willingness to share parts of who you are. You have been a big part of my first year here in college. I look forward to the exchanges we’ll have in the future.

Heather McIntire

Heather, you beautiful mermaid, with a beautiful everything. So much of your story I do not know, but in these last few days, I have gotten to know more of you, something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do. We’ve exchanged in life stories. Something I can’t wait to hear more of. Thank you, Heather, for taking a break from studying and exchanging with me.

Rebecca Verona

Rebecca, time has been the big one. We’ve shared plenty of that. Plenty of words, songs, and quality of time. Thank you for your heart. For taking time to give me time. For exchanging it’s an emergency, I need a friend time. I’m grateful for those. Thank you, Becca. I know the future has plenty of time for us to share.

Daniel Tonseng Yaangh

Daniel, thank you for your drops of knowledge. The exchange with you has been here and there. From breakfast talks to lunch talks. Anytime that would fit in both our schedules lol Thank you for being a safe space and place where I can question and be curious.

Angel Ramirez

Angel, you have been nothing but this huge smile. You’ve given me advice here and there, but you’ve also been a person who has always given an ear. You’re that person that makes me question my worries and problems. Why do I have them when I can be as cheery as Angel? So, Thank you, Angel, for all your time, invites, and food. You make Beckman feel like a safe place, almost like home.

Mary Ringor

Mary, you’re too sweet, and your smile is definitely contagious. We’ve exchanged in plenty of smiles, hugs, hi’s and bye’s, and sometimes good nights, but I know, soon, in the future, there will be more and I definitely look forward to those. Thank you for your smiles.

Emeka Nwando

Emeka, we’ve had this exchange in time. We spoke about music and interests. I was able to see more of you, which was crazy because I didn’t think I was able to keep up a conversation with you, but we’ve had a few exchanges. Thank you for allowing me to know a little more of you. I hope for more in the future.

Chris Sapinoso

Chris, Thank you for choosing to be Pro Me. I used to think we were nothing alike, especially in the introvert, extrovert aspect, but in our last exchange, I actually saw some similarities. The exchange in stories is where I saw it. Some of your actions were kind of like mine and that’s where I saw more of your heart. Thank you for giving me some of your time.

Omee Hawj

Omee, Thank you for the quality time you’ve given me. For always trying to find more ways to love on me. Our exchanges in time are countless, but thank you for those times of awkward to improved hugs, weird looks, and talks. Thank you for loving well.

Thank you for your time and all the exchanges.

– Joce


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