For: A. Johnson

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Lol I wonder if you thought you were only going to be apart of a post and not the topic of an entire post.

Anyways…this is just an appreciation for your friendship.

What I remember about our friendship is that I've known about you since 7th grade, our friendship grew in U.S. History with Allen and English with Linder, and we got closer through homework struggles, reliability, lunches, Starbucks, and little talks here and there.

lol I don't know much more besides highlights in school and support through sports, but I think that's what I like about our friendship. We have these main highlights, Starbucks meet ups, lunches in high school, and we don't communicate often, but it all equals a good friendship overall.

We were from different kinds of groups in high school and for sure I didn't picture any of it happening since you're pretty popular, but we actually got along pretty well.

To be honest, we should have gotten Best Buddies. Except we weren't known enough and probably due to the fact that our friendship grew in U.S. History where we hardly knew anyone…

Anyways, we have a pretty solid friendship. One I'm pretty grateful for because it's one of those friendships you read about on those friendship posts. No matter how much time has passed, if ever we meet up to catch up, there's no hesitation when it comes to talking about how I've been doing. There's no hesitation on what I'm willing to share.

Honestly Johnson, you're one of my all time favorite people and I mean that with all my Asian-ness and chinky eyes.

You've never brought any negativity into my life, just positive vibes + appreciation for High School Musical and country music.

Our friendship is solid and I hope to have you around for the rest of forever. You know, when I'm even shorter than I already am and on top of it, a damn Asian Raisin.

You're The A. Johnson lol

You're one whom I've trusted with my life…in car rides.

One whom I've trusted with my high school Calculus homework.

One who has taken in a lot of my complaints about coaches, teachers, peers. Sum it all up, people in general.

I just wanted to Thank you for being one of the realist people I know. For taking in all of my complaints and for being a great friend even when I wasn't the best listener or greatest friend.

My Asian heart appreciates you!

Thank you, A. Johnson 😊💕

I hope you know that you've impacted my life in the best way possible and I hope you know that I care for you and love you very much!

I also hope you enjoyed this post πŸ™‚

Have a safe flight back to Minnesota.


J. Ngo

P.S. I'm going to miss you very much when you go back 😦 See you in 4 months!


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