For New Readers

My name is Jocelyn Ngo.

I never thought I would have a blog until I came to college. I was inspired by a couple of friends who spoke so much truth through life events and struggles.

I never saw any of my writing as being part of a blog, but I pretty much wrote like I was blogging, except it was with a pen or pencil in a journal or words typed in my notes on my phone.

I enjoy writing about my struggles and frustration. Sometimes in the form of a poem. Maybe just lines of frustration and questions. Sometimes these thoughts never fully develop. They never finish and they aren’t complete because that’s how they ended literally.

I only write if I need to figure out some catastrophe going on inside my head, but with this blog, I plan to write more frequently. Personally, it is easier to figure out all this madness through written words than spoken words.

I have been wanting to make a blog, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I didn’t want to expose myself. I didn’t want to expose my life and my struggles.

But, I think it is time.

There is no reason to hide the one life I have. There is no reason to hide the pain, the struggle, or maybe even the happiness.

It is time, so here I am.

I hope that in these blogs I find ways to also write about the good in my life…not just all the negative occurrences, but if all you get to read is madness…

I hope you stay, wanting to know more.

Good luck and welcome to the words in my head.