Protected: I have fallen…in love…with You.

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That Feeling…with You.

It’s that feeling in your bones.

This rush flowing through your body.

You heart beating irregularly.

Words you hear, telling you, “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

This feeling of being in a different world, but knowing it’s the right place and you don’t exactly have to be where everyone else is.


I am here.

I am here, with You.


I am here, with my arms stretched high.

Literally, hands waving in the sky.

I am “alone” in this arena full of people.

But this moment of being “alone” was a moment I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I noticed, it took awhile to get comfortable, but soon enough, I wasn’t here by myself.


I am here.

I am here, dancing with You.



Some see, some feel, exactly what I feel, without even having to hear the “right” music.

That day, that’s exactly what I did.

I wasn’t around the “right” music, but I didn’t need the “right” music to feel grateful.

I didn’t need the “right” music to feel good in this moment.

I didn’t need the “right” music to feel like I wasn’t alone.


Because I was there, and I was here, with You.












If you’ve read most of my blogs, they’re pretty much about a bunch of feelings and a fallout. I have had plenty of them in the course of 18 years, almost a little more than I could handle, but surprisingly I’ve been able to repair a good few.

One that is randomly occurring is one I absolutely didn’t think could happen. Not in a million freaking years and I just can’t believe that the way we thought the other person felt was exactly the same, but totally inaccurate.

A once before, two-year friendship is actually coming back together.

Which makes me think so many things, but honestly, we were just too young. Too young to know enough about ourselves. Too young to take on other people. Not saying we’re much older, super mature, and know much better, but we just know enough.

Enough to interact, enough to be just a little more civil in handling these past situations and I call this post Repairing because wherever my path took me, I repaired little parts of me. Parts that have worked on forgiving others and being able to be even more understanding. I’ve repaired those things and it now has brought me to this point of repairing a friendship.

I don’t know who says this, but I’ve repeated it and heard it plenty of times and it’s true. We have to learn how to love and care for ourselves before we can truly do that for some else. I feel it’s something we all eventually come across, sometimes just at different times.

If you’re reading this and have read my other blogs, this fallout with a friend is the fallout before the fallout I’ve been talking about in these blogs.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes there’s just wrong timing on who we are as people and who comes into our lives, but that’s why only time will tell.

I’ve solidified a few friendships and now I’m just repairing one that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to come across again.

Sometimes I like to say that when we cross paths with someone, we do what we need to do in their lives and they do what they need to do in our lives and we move on to whoever else needs us.

For this friendship I am currently repairing, maybe we’re not done in each other’s lives. Maybe we still have some business to deal with and I’m glad you’ve made a second appearance.

I’m hoping this second time around is a lot better than the first, but with time, we’ll see.

Other than second chances in friendship, thank you for having enough courage to approach me. For being significant enough at one point to not have me turn away this time. For being open and willing to repair and rebuild with me. And for also being proof that I never really do stop caring about people.

Thank you 🙂