Protected: I have fallen…in love…with You.

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That Feeling…with You.

It’s that feeling in your bones.

This rush flowing through your body.

You heart beating irregularly.

Words you hear, telling you, “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

This feeling of being in a different world, but knowing it’s the right place and you don’t exactly have to be where everyone else is.


I am here.

I am here, with You.


I am here, with my arms stretched high.

Literally, hands waving in the sky.

I am “alone” in this arena full of people.

But this moment of being “alone” was a moment I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I noticed, it took awhile to get comfortable, but soon enough, I wasn’t here by myself.


I am here.

I am here, dancing with You.



Some see, some feel, exactly what I feel, without even having to hear the “right” music.

That day, that’s exactly what I did.

I wasn’t around the “right” music, but I didn’t need the “right” music to feel grateful.

I didn’t need the “right” music to feel good in this moment.

I didn’t need the “right” music to feel like I wasn’t alone.


Because I was there, and I was here, with You.